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Project Ironfist is a modification of Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Price of Loyalty. Before playing Ironfist, you should install either Heroes of Might and Magic II: Price of Loyalty or Heroes of Might and Magic II Gold. New copies of Heroes of Might and Magic II: Gold can be purchased from

Once you have a copy of the original game, Project Ironfist installs cleanly next to the original game. No CD is required, and you can still play the original game without any worry. You can play all your favorite maps from the original game, but you can also play and create new Ironfist-only maps, or enhance old ones with new content and interactive scripts.


Ironfist has been tested on Window XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, and should work on any of them.

To make Ironfist work on Windows 10 some users may have to take some extra steps outlined here.

At the moment, the original game will still see Ironfist-only maps, but you cannot open Ironfist-only maps in the original game or map editor without it crashing.


1 Download the installer

2 Run the installer and follow the instructions. Install the game in the same directory as your Heroes II installation.

3 From the Windows Start Menu, run Programs->Project Ironfist->Ironfist

4 See it in action by trying out the demo map “Sorrow’s End.” (It’s a Small map available under the “Expansion Maps” menu.)


Heroes of Might and Magic II: Gold Link