Fear it: The Cyber Behemoth

You’ve waited….and now it’s here.

The Cyborgs have been busy upgrading the various creatures they find in order to help defeat the evil warlocks. They captured the most powerful creatures they could control, and built them into their ultimate weapon.

The Cyber Behemoths are augmented giants, subdued by magical means, and fitted with cranial implants. Their rocket boots give them a fearsome stomp, but their true power lies in the plasma cannon on the back. Twice per battle, they can fire an explosive charge, burning all enemies in a large radius.

Do you want to build awesome creatures like this one? The Ironfist team is on the prowl for new blood, and is actively hunting for rockstar programmers. Is this you? E-mail homm2ironfist@gmail.com and find out.cb9_fight1

Over at Ironfist HQ, we’ve been working hard on a fairly….explosive….new creature. Still, we thought we’d share an early treat with you by releasing a new version of Ironfist!

We’ve done various minor stability tweaks, fixed the infamous “Dancing Peasants” bug fixed a minor bug in Sorrow’s End, and made some additional improvements to The Last Stand, (courtesy of one of our fans, “The Unknown Hero”). All this adds up to one solid Ironfist 1.2.1 release. Enjoy!

Announcing the Shadow Warrior

Hey to all Heroes, 

Today we are proud to announce the first creature in our new Cyborg Faction! 

shadow_attack It is the brand new Shadow Warrior!

These Elite Warriors volunteered to be augmented with cyber-enhancements to make them the ultimate stealth infiltrators!

They have trained in all martial arts for many years to become the perfect assassins!

They can skulk in the shadows and pounce on their prey, without warning delivering a lethal blows.

Their special shadow ability allows them to dodge the first attack on any round, which makes them a very unique dodge tank against foes and their poisoned daggers will render any target vulnerable to this turn’s attacks, making an awesome combo gameplay opportunity with all other units!!

We at Ironfist hope you enjoy the Shadow Warrior just as much as we do and stick around for the next update that will introduce the next awesome creature from the Cyborg Faction – the Cyber Behemoth – a hulking horror – part magical creature part augmented super giant!


Also a new alpha version for one of our first maps is in the works to test all the new creatures and we’d love to hear from some volunteer testers that would be interested to help us out with testing these awesome creatures!!

Thank you all – and see you in a couple of weeks with our next update!

So, till next time – Work hard – Play harder!!


We’re on the prowl for new programmers and web-designers, so if you are one or know anyone with the awesome skill to join our super ninja programming team – please send us a shout. :-)

We’ve been cooking some things up over the last few months, and it’s finally all come together. Ironfist 1.2 is here!

The scripting system has been substantially improved. Want to track every square that each hero has stepped on? Now easy thanks to new improvements to map variables. Multiple new triggers and functions have been released. Zombies are waiting to jump out of every chest thanks to the insidious “StartBattle” function.

See it in action by playing the new (and final!) version of the map “Last Stand.” Many surprises await.

Soon we will begin announcing the new Cyborg creatures. Keep a watch on the next one….lest he disappear in a puff of smoke.

We are welcoming new members to our awesome team. Are you a kickass artists, stellar mapmaker, or coding rockstar? Send a sample of your work to homm2ironfist@gmail.com

New trailer, concept art, and more

Hello Everyone!

Today I’m proud to announce a great development in Project IRONFIST! – as you all know the last few years have been a little quiet, but here over the past few months we have been re-igniting the engines of war! ….. and the progress has been amazing! You saw a little bit of what we’ve been working on with our last update, but now we’re going to show you a bit more of what’s coming.

First, we’ve upgraded the Last Stand map, which will form a prelude to the new campaign.

But the real news is that we’ve been gearing up to build the new Cyborg faction. We’ve tripled the size of the team in the last few months, and plan to grow a lot more.

We’ve designed a pretty exciting lineup of creatures for the faction, like the Shadow Warrior, whose venomous blades can make any creature it strikes more vulnerable to damage.

We have a lot more like that coming. We’ll have a large monthly updates and a smaller bi-weekly updates of our progress from now!

Want to join? Our team is now officially open for new-blood. Send a sample of your work to homm2ironfist@gmail.com . Do you have what it takes?

We’re now looking for the following roles:

  1. Graphics Designer (both 2D and 3D) – if you can turn 4 colors into a lush forest – then you are the one we’re looking for – Join our elite team to be a crucial part of the development of this awesome adventure!
  2. Code Ninja – if you have the talent and speed to dive into a codebase and build new features, or even reverse-engineer old ones, come join our elite group of developers and help shape this awesome Cyborg campaign! Also, did I mention the technology that makes our modding possible is seriously impressive (developed by an MIT computer scientist).
  3. Sound Designer – if you are able to manipulate sounds so well that you’ll be able to re-make retro music in a cool new campaign bringing sci-fi and fantasy into a unique clash – come join us!!
  4. Concept artist – if you a have a passion for both Sci-fi and Fantasy, and you think you can bring to life the awesome characters and environments we’ve created – come test your skills with us!!

Special note:
We’ll have a large monthly update and a smaller bi-weekly update of our progress from now! (it says this above)
Join us in this amazing campaign to breath life into this awesome sci-fi fantasy game!!!


Ironfist 1.0

After months of hard work, the Ironfist team is pleased to release Ironfist 1.0, available for download immediately.

New map: Last Stand

Lord Varuun is growing in strength. A mysterious hero wanders. With lots of special features, this will be the most interesting map you’ve ever played.

Over 30 new scripting calls, and 4 new triggers

Whether it’s changing a map object, summoning a creature mid battle, or programming a new event to occur on a map object, we have lots of new ways to make your Ironfist maps amazing.

Miscellaneous Improvements and Bugfixes

With fixes both to the original game (fixing elemental spell immunity), Ironfist, and Ironfist maps, game quality is constantly improving.

We have a lot of big announcements coming soon. Big things are ahead.

Ironfist 0.8.4

We have implemented scripting enhancements. Script errors are now handled in a more appropriate way, and include a description of what caused the crash. Map variables from scripts are persistent through saves/loads. More detailed information about map variables can be found in the documentation.

Both of these changes are included in the new Ironfist 0.8.4 release.

Ironfist 0.8.3

Following our recent change so that failed casts of Dimension Door do not cost spell points, we have now made it so that they also do not cost movement points. We had also inadvertently upgraded the version of the Microsoft CLR runtime required; we’ve updated the included DLL files accordingly. Both of these changes are included in the new Ironfist 0.8.3 release.

Thank you to forum user “Unknown Hero” for reporting both of these problems.

Ironfist forums moving

I am pleased to announce that we are merging with the Forums of Enroth. In doing so, we are joining with their existing community as well as with “Heroes III: The Succession Wars” to create one central hub for Heroes 2 modding.

All posts have been transferred over to the new forums, but you will need to create a new account if you have not already done so. The existing Ironfist forums will remain online but frozen at www.ironfi.st/forum ; all new activity will occur at the Forums of Enroth.

We are excited to see what this new community can do (and hope that sharing the work of running the forums will leave more time for work on the game itself).

Do you hate having to write down passwords for those border guards? So do we. With the release of Ironfist 0.8.2, now you don’t have to.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 2.13.28 AM

We’ve also fixed a fairly nasty bug: sometimes, after loading a savegame, you could have one hero in two different places.

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