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Shocking! The Cyber Kobold Spearman

Shocking! The Cyber Kobold Spearman

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  • Shocking! The Cyber Kobold Spearman

In their short time on Enroth , the Cyborgs have been busy turning the local creatures into an army. You’ve seen the Behemoth; now meet the Kobold.

Although individually weak, kobolds make an attractive addition to any army because of their loyalty and sheer speed of breeding. The Cyber Kobolds have been enhanced, with half of their cranium changed to metal and armor fused to their chest. Their strength has been enhanced, and tests show that, with a thrust of their spear, they can easily pierce a plate of steel. Within the hilt of their spear lies an energy source, which gives their spear a lightning that can strike two enemies in a row.

The Cyber Kobold Spearman. Coming soon to a Cyborg army near you!